Carolina Miners



Over the last decade, participation in lacrosse has increased over 200%, making it the runaway fastest growing sport in America. And particularly in the Southeast, where there are opportunities to play year-round, that number of new players is even greater.



Carolina Miners’ Lacrosse combines the tradition of its Upstate New York roots with the enthusiasm and commitment to sports of the Carolinas. The nickname of ‘Miners’ is particularly appropriate to our culture, as hard work, perspective, and a ‘lunchpail’ mentality are central to our playing style.

Team History


More important than the product on the field, Miners Lacrosse is predicated on making better men and women out of the boys and girls wearing our jersey. Our coaching staff is comprised of collegiate and professional players with coaching experience at all levels, and all share the common thread of a commitment to education. Miners are student-athletes: in that order, non-negotiable.

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