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313 Lacrosse was started in July 2005 to combine three Grosse Pointe Michigan High Schools into one competitive summer travel team of 18 players.  By 2008 we had added numerous teams at all age levels and added the 313 Lax Club for Fall Ball. We were amongst the first programs to take our players on a national travel schedule to the nations “hotbeds”. In 2009 we added indoor training in the fall and winter, which now includes Youth boys and HS girls and HS boys in two locations. In 2012 we rescued the failing local youth program and added 10U, 12U and 14U spring boys teams. Soon after came 313 Lax Summer Camp and Donnybrook, a great early fall tune-up tournament. In 2016 we added our recruiting showcase the Michigan Select 99, which was an immediate hit.

Team History

We currently operate travel teams under GP SelectGP Hornets313 Lax Club and the 313 Showcase Team. We are also valued partners with 586 Lacrosse.  In 2012 we started the LBLC Athletics, a wholesale lacrosse apparel company. Finally in 2016 came the 313 Lacrosse Store, a retail outlet featuring numerous lacrosse products at substantial discounts to our players.


313 Lacrosse is known nationally for sports training excellence. For well over a decade, we have been praised by families for being professionally run and highly organized. Hundreds of families have chosen us due to our great value and being known as a solid investment. Our strong returning player rate is our proof. The company was founded on teaching the game the right way and stressing not only the game, but the principles of sportsmanship and the importance of team play. Our motto, from day one,  is “honor the game”. We are a home-grown company who has achieved success  through hard work and dedication. We are proud to  have steadily built 313 Lacrosse one step at a time into a bona fide, full service lacrosse company with a fifteen year track record of excellence.


Our longevity is due to many factors. We value our players and their families. Our staff works their tails off to keep them satisfied. The result is an extremely loyal base that supports us year after year. Our founder and director is passionate and devoted mentor and coach with over five hundred games coached. He demands excellence from his coaching staff. He loves and studies the game of lacrosse with a passion. He is a proud forty-nine year resident of Michigan and has been an independent small business owner since 1988. He leaves a lasting impression on those he coaches, far beyond X’s and O’s. For “coach B” it’s about how well his players do at lacrosse, but more importantly how they do in life.  Just ask any one of our six hundred Alumni.


The 313 Lacrosse mission is straightforward, we strive to help our players vastly improve at the game we love. We offer no grandiose promises. We do not have expensive marketing campaigns. Our website and media presence is kept at a minimum. It helps to keep our players costs low. Our best marketing tool is to work hard, full time, twelve months a year to service our players and their families. The end result is our players improve and become great at the game of lacrosse.


The bottom line is our staff, who are outstanding and passionate instructors. We only hire those who are highly knowledgeable and have extensive coaching experience in lead roles. We choose veterans whenever possible, those who believe in our teaching principles. 313 is committed to teach the tempo and style of the game that is played at the highest levels. We stress the importance of continually building fundamental skills. Our training involves modern and effective drills, high repetitions and close personal attention. The result is our players improve, learn proper techniques and build their confidence and lacrosse IQ quickly. 313 senior staff members are veteran coaches who not only know how to teach the finer aspects of the game, they also know how to lead young men.

High School 

We have built solid relationships and are endorsed by numerous High School coaches.  Be assured, we stress that our program is an enhancement to the high school experience, not a replacement. We respect the high school coaches in our community and do not critique their training methods or systems. It’s not our place. We feel off-season teams and training should simply stick to improving players. We consider ourselves partners with high school programs with the combined goal of teaching and growing the game.


For those who are interested in playing collegiate, we have numerous years of experience in the process and are very well connected to the college lacrosse community. We teach parents and players the process for free and help guide them. For those who are interested, 313 runs a great showcase each summer, the Michigan Select 99 The goal is to get qualified Michigan players looks from a select list of Colleges. We only bring in coaches that are committed to recruiting Michigan players. Each year numerous NCAA/NAIA coaches attend to evaluate up to one hundred players.

313 Lacrosse is the undisputed leader in Michigan boys lacrosse commits, with well over one hundreds of former players moving up to play college lacrosse many in the NCAA. Numerous others have joined NAIA, MCLA, NJCAA and NCLL teams. Our Elite travel program has allowed uncommitted grads since day one, many have found last minute college programs and scholarships.

We also understand that many players are not interested playing college lacrosse and simply want to learn, receive great training and enjoy the experience. They are as important to us as someone looking to play collegiate and receive the same level of attention. College ball is not for everyone.

GP Select Black HS Elite top prospect Maxwell Payton
Detroit Mercy (NCAA Division- I) 2022


Our travel teams will always play hard to win, but never at the cost of a player’s experience or playing time. Off-season wins are great, but in our opinion really are not that important in the big picture. In tournament play, we play our teams up to expose our teams to great competition. Some times that results in losses and an opportunity to learn. Summer and Fall “championships” are great and we’ve won our share, but we are convinced player development is where the true importance lies. College coaches watch players, not scoreboards. High School coaches are thrilled when players return improved, not if they won a tee shirt in the summer or fall.

Honor the Game

We believe it is important to support our community based programs. We take great pride that many of our players come from Grosse Pointe and our neighbors in Macomb and Oakland county. We share in our players growth.  During the spring season you will see us at numerous MHSAA regional JV and Varsity games. Since 1999, coach B has been a major part of his communities lacrosse growth. He has attended hundreds of regional high school games supporting those who join 313 as well as those who do not. It is important to us to know the families and players that support us on a personal level. Many of our players were introduced to the game by coach B and have belonged to the 313 family since they were very young. He has been a volunteer in Grosse Pointe since 2001.


In closing we deeply appreciate the families who have supported us over the years. We respect the fact that the parents give their hard earned wages to support our programs. 313 has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Anyone who feels they were not given and outstanding value, in any of our programs or events will receive a 100% refund no questions asked. We will take your call and field a discussion regarding any issues that may be affecting the 313 lacrosse experience (except before a game or practice) 810-523-3699


Aidan Hubbell (John Carroll) and Michael Jablonski (Wheeling Jesuit)
are just two of the over 100 313 alumni who have joined the NCAA/NAIA


A few of  our Historical  Statistics

16 – The number of years we’ve been in club lacrosse

20 – The number of years our founder has been coaching lacrosse.

20 – The amount of travel clubs we operate annually at all levels.

25 – The cities we have traveled to including Fairfield CT, Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Ithaca NY,                Albany NY, Baltimore MD , Geneva NY, Chicago IL and many others.

40 – The number of different High Schools that have supported us .

45 – The number of years ago the director saw his first lacrosse game.

50 – The number of separate tournaments our clubs have attended since 2005.

170 – The number of NCAA / NAIA Commits who have worn our jersey.

200 – The number of players we currently train indoors in Fall/ Winter sessions.

500 – The number of games coached by the founder/director of 313.

700 – Our player alumni roster size and growing.

1000 – The number games played by our travel clubs.

1500 – The number of lacrosse events we have run since 2005.

“Since 1988 I have been a small business owner and entrepreneur. This life experience has taught me the the key to success is not what you say,  but what your actions are.  My success comes from humility and hard work.  We simply offer a great product and  great value to our families”

 – coach B

All time GP Select MVP Brandon Davenport during his GP Select playing days.
He went on to play four years at (Detroit Mercy) (NCAA Division-I)
and a became our first professional lacrosse Player (Ohio Machine) (MLL)

Staff Image


Coaching and instructing lacrosse is my passion. I started with one travel team of merely 18 players back in 2005 and GP Select was born. By 2006 my company, 313 Lacrosse LLC was founded. My original mission still holds true today. My goal was to fill a huge void by offering great lacrosse in the off-season. I saw a great opportunity to create travel teams and expose players to new places and great competition unlike they had ever seen. I have always been compelled to help kids from our communities gain exposure to collegiate recruiters. On a personal level my promise has always been to study, teach and train the modern game. I am a full time lacrosse coach who saw my first game in 1973 and am still an active men’s club player.

FYI, 313 Lacrosse includes GP Select, GP Hornets, 313 Lax Clubs and the 313 Academy and is one of Michigan’s original off-season programs. Over the course of the past decade, I have established my company by rapidly growing as a bona-fide, year round program of excellence. I now oversee multiple programs year-round from K thru post collegiate. My company offers some of the region’s best all off-season training for teams and individuals. We run great clinics and youth camps that excite and teach the game. Our numbers are a testament to our success, including over 500 travel team alumni, a historic attendance of over 50 different tournaments all over the USA. Our teams have played over accumulatively 1000 games against great teams from all over the USA and Canada.

Our proudest statistic is that close to 100 of our players have moved to the collegiate ranks. Many of these players have gone on to compete at the highest level in the NCAA including DI, DII, and DIII. I take great pride in those accomplishments, and will continue to give my heart and soul to this great game.to read entire letter click HERE