Striving to create an experience on and off the field that will last a lifetime, since 2005.  Current partners include Signature Lacrosse and Blatant Team Apparel.


Games Filmed by Nextpro & Sideline coverage by LaxFED Media who provides  our LaxFED members FREE exclusive content including access to sideline Videos and Photos after each event.  Use the content to grow your club!

College Coaches

Located at Westtown School in Philadelphia, this event is open to any youth and highschool team.  In 2019 over 40+ college coaches attended.

Event Details


November 14 (youth) 15 (highschool) , 2020


DIVISIONS: 2021 – 2022 – 2023  – 2024 – 2025 – 2026 – 2027 – 2028


  • NCAA rules and guidelines
  • Game Length: Two Twenty Minute Halves
  • Halftime: 3 Minutes
  • Timeouts: One 30 second time out per game

Important Details

Waivers: Every participant should sign the online waiver.
Vendors: There will be a couple food vendors serving up some amazing food this year.

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